Thank you for your interest in supporting Little by Little financially! Because of your partnership families in Haiti are being given the resources to keep their children instead of giving them up to orphanages and empowering them to build a better life. This impact will help not only help these families but the positive change will be felt through out their communities as well!

Giving Options

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Thanks to our partnership with Crossworld you can give directly to our efforts on the ground in Haiti. These funds directly impact the mission aspect of the organization and you will receive a tax receipt from Crossworld for your donation. Simply enter "45105" under the Project Number. Click the link below to go directly to the Crossworld Canada Donation page.

Thank you for partnering with us!


If you would prefer to give directly to Little By Little and do not wish to receive a tax receipt, checks can be mailed to:

Little by Little, HQ
521 Upper Queen Street,
London, Ontario
N6C 3T8

More Info

In Haiti, we have a house where women come for training, work and meet for counsel.
It’s the place they come for Bible studies, unofficial health clinics and a dose of hope.
It’s not large and it’s not fancy, but it is safe, with a security guard to ensure every stick of furniture and supplies aren’t carted off in the night; it has electricity for sewing machines, clean water for drinking, and is the base for all our work in Haiti.

Would you help us keep it open?

It costs us $2000 per month to keep the house running. Please consider giving your year end gift.

Prevent child trafficking and preserve families!
​Donate to our Open House Fund and help us keep the dream alive.

Give the gift of this donation to a family member or friend!

Skillset Development

At our Haitian home, the women gather to learn skills that will help them earn a living.

​Complex jewellery making skills are acquired while giving the women confidence in providing for themselves and their families. 

Life Skills

The women gather in the home to learn life skills.

​From nutrition classes, parenting and financial education are a few skills taught to these amazing women in our Haitian home. 


Our Haitian home is a safe place for the women to gather and encourage each other.

Bible studies, friendly discussions and encouragement on life challenges.